Without Woodstock parents getting involved we will not be able to support our wonderful teachers and school staff!




Attend a Meeting

Come, listen and join in on how we can support our teachers that work hard to inspire our children! Every 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7PM in Mrs. Porter's kindergarten room.  Perhaps you have some ideas that we would love to hear!


Chairing an Event

Chairing an event requires between 5-10 hours of your time on and around the event, and once the event is complete your commitment to the position is finished for the year!


Community Liaison

The Community Liaison holds the very important role of making sure that at least one PTO member attends each public meeting that the BOF and BOE holds.  Notes should be taken, and a summary of the meeting minutes should be written up.  The chairperson does not need to attend every meeting him or herself, but rather, can delegate and organize a signup sheet of attendance to other PTO members.


This Chairperson’s sole responsibility is to keep the PTO informed of decisions being made in the following areas:


Board of Finance

Board of Education

Woodstock School District



Everyday Purchases

There are everyday ways to support the PTO through everyday purchases from grocery shopping, saving boxtops or buying a new backpack for your child with the school's logo on it.  Sign up or check out the following ways help raise funds for your child's school:


Amazon: If you shop on, type in and then type/select "Woodstock Parent Teacher Organization".  All your purchases will give a % to the PTO with no extra cost to you.  You just have to put the word "SMILE" before the address.


Stop & Shop: Enter your rewards number + WES CODE: 08153 | WMS CODE: 08154 @ www.StopandShop/Aplus


Price Chopper: Enter your rewards number + WES CODE: 15493 | WMS CODE: 15495 @


Box Tops: Collect and drop off at school office or online shoppers beyond the grocery stores:


Spirit Wear: NEW PROGRAM! Customize your SPIRIT for WES and WMS!


 WMS: Shop, swipe and earn! @


Labels for Education: Clip selected UPC codes and earn! @ and



Board Member

Our board positions will require between 1-2 hours of your time monthly. Working on the board is the ultimate way to support our PTO! Thoughtfully consider one of our board positions, now or in the future!




Current President: Jennifer Beams


The President’s primary responsibility is to oversee all functions of the PTO.  The President is also responsible for presiding over all PTO meetings.  All correspondence coming from the Woodstock PTO must be approved by the PTO President.  In addition, the President holds ultimate responsibility for the Community Liaison, Nominating and Membership Committees.  In the event that the PTO looses one of these chairpersons, it is the responsibility of the President to actively recruit and fill these positions.


Vice President
Current Vice President: Julie Francis


The term of the Vice President is 1 year, however the person elected to this position is committing to a 3 year term (1 year as Vice President, 1 year as President, and 1 year as Immediate Past President).  The Vice President’s primary responsibility is to support the President in the role of overall supervision of the PTO.  The Vice President works closely with the President, providing extra management support to Committees whenever needed.  The Vice President holds ultimate responsibility for the Publicity, Community Events and Volunteer Coordination Committees.  In the event that one of these Committees looses its Chairperson, it is the responsibility of the Vice President to recruit and place a new person in charge of the Committee.



Current Treasurer: Jenn Ducat


This is a 2 year position.  The Treasurer handles all money coming and going from the PTO.  Efforts include keeping a budget, depositing incoming funds, and writing checks for program funding requests.


Corresponding Secretary

Current Corresponding Secretary:  Kiona Carpenter


The term of this position is 2 years.  The main responsibility of the Corresponding Secretary are:

  • Social media: facebook posts about PTO events, student awards or projects, upcoming PTO meetings, social happenings pertaining to WPS, pictures of field trips funded by PTO, announcements of business donations and posting on business' fb wall on behalf of the PTO.   You don't need to attend all events but be able to organize pictures or updates from others that attend.  This role is much like a reporter.
  • Text alerts: Communicating upcoming PTO events to school text alerts in 160 characters.
  • Volunteer Spots: Simple on line program to works with event chair to organize volunteers for upcoming events
  • Constant Contact: Another simple on line program that allows the PTO to communicates with members about upcoming events and Volunteer Spot openings.
  • Thank you notes to businesses that donate and thank you emails to teachers for their involvement in an event.


Basic computer knowledge, a desire to keep up with please and thank yous, and an interest in trying out new concepts is all that is needed to tackle this job.


Recording Secretary

Current Recording Secretary: Tara Smock


This position is a 2 year term.  The Recording Secretary’s primary responsibility is to record the minutes of each meeting.  In addition the Recording Secretary is responsible for posting the minutes of each meeting on the PTO website.

Woodstock PTO  . 24 Frog Pond Road . Woodstock, CT 06281  .




President Jenifer Beams | Vice President Julie Francis | Secretary Tara Smock  | Treasurer Jenn Ducat | Member at Large Jill Grant | Corresponding Secretary  Kiona Carpenter